Types of study

Public Opinion

Opinion polls are part of everyday life of the population and have a high profile in the media, usually the most common vehicle of communication…

  • Evaluation and monitoring of municipal, state and federal governments
  • Evaluation and impact of public policies and services
  • Political-electoral surveys – monitoring the electoral process
  • Audience research and impact of official pronouncements
  • Impact surveys and return of government communication pieces
  • Social responsibility
  • Environmental studies
  • Image of public institutions
  • Behavioral research


The Market Research identifies collects and analyzes information for decision-making related to the identification and solution of problems or marketing opportunities.

  • Market potential
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Habits and consumer attitudes
  • Test of concepts
  • Communication studies (pre-test and recall campaigns, creative pathways)
  • Institutional image
  • Corporate image
  • Strategic repositioning
  • Organizational environment
  • Test of products
  • Perception and Brand Image
  • Shopper
  • Packaging test


A pesquisa de mídia (Jornais, Revistas, Rádio e Televisão) é importante instrumento para avaliar as preferências dos leitores, ouvintes e telespectadores, quanto aos programas ou editoriais.

  • Media habits
  • Segmentation